Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jack Lalanne passing reminds me of my Grandma Ruth!

I do miss her, in spite of myself.
I was a little girl and my grandma was running around the house with weights and talking about living to one hundred, and...Jack Lalanne.
It is really amazing what one influential man can do.
Gram bought gadgets and juicers and every healthfood item she could find. Whatever damage she had done to her body, by the time she was 45, {when I met her}; she was intent on undoing in the rest of her life. She really did, too.
I really didn't like my grandma and was determined to stay away from her, but love made me watch her. We made peace, in the end, but she was so determined to be healthy and I think that this should be her legacy in our family {along with the use of cliches}.
Healthy habits kept my parents together in the tough times and kept Gram {a single mom with 3 growing teens}sane. Thank you Jack Lalanne, I think is in order, for the fact that Gram wasn't more cranky than she was?:)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flu symptoms and fever?

All of that play in the snow and what was the result? A sick house. 2 of the 3 boys are down with fevers. What is a mother to do?
We are remembering the fun of last week and nursing sick children, at the same time. Oh dear:).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yesterday, I made my first bagel!

Scrumptuous! If I do say so myself. I took my ordinary yeast dough, which is usually gobbled up as bread sticks or rolls and decided to form it into bagels and throw it into the egg boiling water. Yuck? I wanted to see what would happen and I was just too New York homesick to care if anybody else would want it.
2 bagels came out of the water and into the oven and into my lunch bag. I was disappointed that I had told them to use the rest of the dough. I had every intention of making more, when I tasted the samples at lunch. Well, too bad. I was the only guinea pig of the tastey treats. I can live another day away from my native, NY, as long as I can recreate the taste of a fresh baked bagel, every once in a while. It was really good. I was surprised.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Five Days into the New Year 2011

I have already eaten the chocolate, forgotten to do my situps, neglected my aerobics, forgotten to pray...etc. My resolutions are always a yearning, A goal to be consistent, BUT GOD exalts His Word above all His name. He is so consistent and so real. I am coming everyday, to start over again to do right. When I look down at my feet and they are off of the beaten path, in word and in deed, I am grateful that I can do what Ethan used to do in kindergarten. "Put me back, Lord on the path so I can start over!" I stick my arms out, like the 6th child of the 13th child knows that there is always someone who can put his coat on better than he can. God is more consistent than if you had numerous older, caring sisters and brothers to depend upon. God is greater. He nurtures us to do right, but when we mess up, we can get right back up and get on the right path again. We don't have to stay on the path of wrong. God is to be praised for that. 2011 is a reminder that "everyday is a new day in the Lord."

The clouds were pink on top and greyish underneath and looked like a swirl. It looked as though God was practicing His calligraphy, like I was last night and the swirl that He made traveled from the sunrise and finished up in the distance past where we could see in the west. It was perfectly pink and grey, as far as I could see. I know that You are that much bigger, I thought to God, but so gracious of Him to do that swirl of beauty where I could see it. What a big calligraphy pen, it seemed to be. Just a thought:}

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blessed 2011!

Across the day, into a new year. We are grateful for the provisions of the old year and the comraderies strengthened and begun. We are grateful for the memory of dear ones, who are missed.

Indeed, we pray,
"teach us, Lord to number our days, that we may apply our heart unto wisdom. Satisfy us early, with thy mercies, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days."

We are all, the newest babe to the eldest person the same age in this year. We all who entered it, enter at the same point and we are all inside the time of it that everyone else is. We welcome new people into the year as they are born and we bid goodbye to those who leave it before its end.

May the beauty of the Lord, our God, be upon us and establish Thou the works of our hands, Dear Lord.

Title- The Studious One!

Title-  The Studious One!
artwork by Elyse

Of biscuits and syrup

Of biscuits and syrup
tasty treats

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!
a day at the Raptor Center.

Widdle Emmie in outer space school

Emmie jumped on the bus and off it flew out into the atmosphere. There was a set of clouds with turbulence right above the house and it took a few minutes for my Emmie to buckle her seatbelt. They hit the bump hard and it knocked my Emmie out of her seat and she bumped her head. The video camera came on and the monitor looked through and stated, Ms. Emmie, where are you? You are not in your seat. Where are you? I am alright I fell because I hadn’t buckled correctly. Well jump up Emmie we have a long way to go and you have to be buckled there is entirely too much turbulence in the stratosphere for you to unbuckle now. As soon as we are through this weather system there will be straight sailing but right now you must buckle. Emmie scrambled into the seat with intensity and purpose now. She watched every cloud pass her window and her nose was pressed to the window trying to see the top of the house as it drifted slowly out of sight. Soon they were not only out of sight of the house, the sun came out brightly and just as quickly they were putting on the atmospherical breathing apparatus and the outerspherical lights. The ABA and the OL. These precautions were to make them appear to be satellites to the radar as they were out in the ionosphere. Emmie knew all about this now. She had gone to the orientation and had a good breakfast and it took them 20 minutes for her to get out past the atmospherical pull and to feel the zero gravity. It would be 15 minutes before the gravity simulators would take effect, a glitch in the system which was being worked on. Until then, they enjoyed the couple of minutes of floatation, while being connected to the seats by belt. The first thing they saw everyday was the strataflotsam. The items which had been dumped into the atmosphere by earlier generations. What would their generation do about this ecological waste area that remained floating above their heads? This was a question for the generations. For now it was the area that they had to guide through on the way to school.

Midnight at the OASIS

Midnight at the OASIS
Sunset in Huntersville

My little Emmie

ran to the bus on the first day of the last year of school. 2 buns on the side of her head. She kissed me and ran at dawn to the bus. She was starting the adventure of a lifetime. I would never see that little girl again, she was going to woman school!

My Father and I 1989

My Father and I 1989

to the tune of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme


Are you going to Mary Immaculate?

Apricots, Chocolate Cherries and Pie,

Remember me to the one who lived there,

He once was a true love of mine,

Tell him to buy me an acre of land,

Apricots, Chocolate Cherries and Pie,

Between the muddy Hudson in Jamaica Bay,

Then, He’ll be a true love of mine,

Tell him to sow in it seeds of pure cream,

Apricots, Chocolate Cherries and Pie,

And build Ice cream mountains and buildings of whipped cream,

Then, He’ll be a true love of mine,

Tell him to reap them with sickles of M&M’s,

Apricots, Chocolate Cherries and Pie,

And chew bubble gum and eat till we’re done,

Then, He’ll be a true love of mine.

Tell him to run it off down the motor parkway,

Apricots, Chocolate Cherries and Pie,

After your done 50 pushups

and jog down the West Side Highway,

Then he’ll be a true love of mine…

(Don’t wait for me today dad, The kids are sick again, My tummy’s bulging again, My heart is aching again, And now there’s no love there…)

He once was, a true love of mine….So, Girls, I do beg you don't miss your Daddy,Apricots, Chocolate cherries and Pie,You have one short chance to see him on this side, Go visit him and let your light shine.